Crystal Mapp Vales and CMV complete album project, “Heaven”

Crystal Mapp Vales, Heaven

Crystal Mapp Vales, Heaven

CMV Records
San Leandro, California USA – December 15, 2013 – After a decade-long hiatus, Composer singer/songwriter Crystal Mapp Vales, her singers and band have put the finishing touches on their second long awaited album, Heaven.  Released on Crystal’s newly formed imprimatur, CMV Records, Heaven features the virtuoso vocals of mezzo-soprano Crystal Mapp Vales, and her more-than capable singers, Wings Ensemble and the talented band, CMV.

The signature title cut, Heaven, is a tour de force of Mapp Vales’ lyrical abilities. Written from her hospital bed, after physicians had done all they could do and advised her to get her personal affairs in order, Mapp Vales draws on the inner strength of the Holy Spirit to deliver a gospel testimony sure to stand in the face of death itself.  Musicians Eric Young on keyboards, Stanley Bull on bass, Gil Baskerville on saxophone, and Nathan Johnson on keyboards, create a melodic soundscape worthy of the words and the Wings Ensemble takes us straight to the pearly gates, doves and all.

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